Abelssoft AntiLogger v2020 (4.04)

Abelssoft AntiLogger v2020 (4.04)



“Loggers”—a type of spyware that secretly installs itself on one’s computer and then intercepts all keystrokes or taps the user’s screen. Criminals thereby acquire the user’s PINs and passwords, which they can then use for identity theft or bank fraud. With Abelssoft AntiLogger 2020, Abelssoft introduces a security program that can unmask and disable loggers before they obtain sensitive user data. Online crime is booming. And the favored tools of cyber-criminals are perfectly effective enough to provide them with plenty of valuable user data.

Abelssoft presents for this purpose the newly developed Antilogger. Abelssoft AntiLogger 2020 runs constantly and invisibly in the background, monitoring one’s computer. Its purpose is to immediately detect the presence of loggers and then use an alarm to instantly alert the user. In the program, the user can view a list of processes running on their computer, and see if any are potentially loggers. Suspicious processes can easily be stopped immediately and permanently. Benign processes falsely identified as malicious loggers will be placed on a “non-malicious software” list to prevent any further false alarms.



Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7










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You will download the full setup file
Once downloaded, Install it & launch the program after installation
When peogram launched at the first time, you may need to register the program to activate the full features.
But, if you have an Abelssoft software already installed before, it maybe no need to register
Done. Enjoy the full features.
Softwar version: v2020 (4.04)
No free upgrades
No free supports
Personal use only



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