Crusader Kings II: The Reaper’s Due Now Free on Steam

Crusader Kings II: The Reaper’s Due Now Free on Steam

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8th March 2020

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The Reaper’s Due is the 10th major expansion or DLC to the free to Play Game Crusader Kings 2. The usual price of this DLC is $9.99, now on Steam Store, it’s available at 100 % discount.

This freebie or 100 % off deal will be available on Steam until March 9, 2020. After that, the DLC will be available at the usual price.

Interested people can reach the game  Steam Store link and add the DLC or game to your Steam Library.

Once added (before March 9) it’s yours forever to keep. Hurry up and get the DLC.

This game is playable on Windows, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later and Steam OS (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) systems.

The Reaper’s Due adds a host of new mechanics centred on the Black Death and other world shaping epidemics. Lock your gates to keep the plague from infecting your court, even if it means cutting yourself off from your suffering citizens. Peace and good management will see your provinces reward you with greater wealth and manpower, but constant war and disease may depopulate your countryside.


The Reaper’s Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:

The Black Death:
New additions to the epidemic system include this super destructive disease and a new map mode that track the expansion of deadly illnesses.
Court Physicians:
This new position for learned courtiers opens up a series of events tied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with medieval tech.
Slow down the spread of epidemics by investing in these outposts that care for the sick and infirm.
Prosperity and Depopulation:
Watch your provinces thrive under your careful attention and degrade under the pressures of diseases run amok.
Take a page from the Masque of the Red Death and hideaway with your court as plagues ravage the countryside.

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