Donemax DMclone for Windows – free license

Donemax DMclone for Windows – free license


Get a free Donemax DMclone for Windows license. The program is designed for reliable and fast disk cloning, data backup and transition from HDD to SSD without reinstalling the OS

Donemax DMclone for Windows is designed for cloning disks, copying and transferring data from one drive to another. The utility can help you clone HDD, SSD, memory cards, USB flash drives and other storage media from one location to another safely and easily. You can also use DMclone for Windows to upgrade your old hard drive to a new one without reinstalling the Windows operating system.


Key features of Donemax DMclone for Windows

Reliable solution for disk cloning . Easily transfer documents, Windows operating systems and applications to another hard drive without losing data.
Simple data backup software . Make a full backup of your hard drive, USB flash drive, or memory card to prevent data loss.
Upgrade your hard drive easily . Are you running out of disk space? DMclone for Windows provides an efficient way to upgrade your hard drive without a lot of time.
Safely replace your old drive with a solid state drive . Looking for an easy way to speed up your computer? Upgrading HDD to SSD is one of the most affordable ways. DMclone allows you to easily transfer your hard drive to an SSD.


DMclone for Windows supports NTFS / NTFS +, exFAT, FAT 12/16/32, Ext 2/3/4 and others.


Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server


Download and install the program on your computer:


Activate the full version in the Activate menu using the following License code:


(Valid until Dec 27, 2020)


Terms of the offer

This is a lifetime license for version 1.2 only.
The free license is for home (non-commercial) use only.
Free updates to new versions are not available.
Does not include free technical support.


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