[Expired] [ 2 February 2021 ] 56 – new free udemy courses for limited time

[Expired] [ 2 February 2021 ] 56 – new free udemy courses for limited time

1 –  Local Lead Generation Rank & Rent: The A-Z Definitive Guide
Learn Local Lead Generation, dive into the Rank & Rent business model and build a scalable passive income




2 –  Web Development Masterclass – Complete Certificate Course
Learn to setup virtual cloud servers and develop database-driven websites using the latest web technologies.




3 –   The Ultimate Guide to Stencil for Merch By Amazon, KDP & POD
Learn to use Stencil to quickly and easily make amazing designs for Merch By Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, and more




4 –    The Complete Extensions Developer Course
Publish your own Chrome Extensions by finding a programmer and learning to use the Chrome Developer Dashboard




5 –    Introduction: Make and Sell Custom Shirts w/ Merch by Amazon
Merch by Amazon allows anyone with a computer to offer their designs for sale on Amazon as print on demand shirts.




6 –    Arbitrage and Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Program
Learn Arbitrage, selling on Amazon, FBA, product sourcing, and MORE! Everything you need to succeed and be your own boss




7 –    Online Arbitrage – Buy Products Online to Resell
Get inventory shipped right to your door! Turn around and sell it back online. This course shows you how.




8 –   The Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses
MASTER GUIDE TO BOOSTING YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS – Find Ready-to-Spend Customers with The Complete Digital Marketing Course.




9 –  A Practical Guide to Forgiveness: How to Heal Past Hurt
Forgiveness, How to Forgive, Releasing Hurt, How to Healing Wounds




10 –  The Self-Taught Programmer
The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally




11 –   Data Analytics Real-World Projects using python
Build a Portfolio of 5 Data Analysis Projects with Plotly,Folium,TextBlob,Geopy & Many more & get a job of Data Analyst




12 –   AI for CEOs
Why AI will create exceptional value in your business, if you let it do so.




13 –   Develop your first App in Android Studio using Firebase
Scared of Backend, we got your back. Build your first application with firebase as backend and earn by publishing online




14 –   Google Docs Master Course
Go from Beginner to Advanced with Google Docs




15 –   Visual Studio Code
Everything you need to know about Visual Studio Editor




16 –   Learn Microsoft Teams
Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams




17 –   G Suite Master Course
Everything you need to know about G Suite




18 –   Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 – Become a Super User – 10 Projects!
Everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 – Learn with Projects! Web-Graphic-Video-App-Icon-Design




19 –   GitLab
Everything you need to know about GitLab




20 –    Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Master Course
Go from Beginner to Advanced with Adobe Creative Cloud 2020




21 – Python 3 Master Course for 2021
Go from Beginner to Advanced with Python 3




22 –    Microsoft Office 365 Master Course
Everything you need to know about Microsoft Office 365




23 –  Front End Web Development Master Course for 2021
Learn Front-End Web Development: Quickly Master HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SVG, Text Editors, and much more!




24 –   Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming
A practical programming course for office workers, academics, and administrators who want to improve their productivity.




25 –  English language basics for beginners
Start your English learning journey from the basics




26 –   The Complete Happiness Course: Become Happier Now!
Happiness Can Be Yours! Learn Happiness Habits to Build Your Personal Success and Enhance Personal Development Today




27 –   Complete Sourdough Bread Baking – Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4!
Sourdough Bread Baking from Beginner to Advanced Levels The Only Course You Will Need to Bake Sourdough Bread Like a Pro




28 –   Complete Positive Psychology Course Master Positive Thinking
Use Positive Psychology Principles to Build Habits for Happiness and Success In Your Life and Others – Positive Thinking




29 –  Decluttering – Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course
Decluttering Your Life – Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques




30 –   Salary Negotiation – How to Ask for and Receive a Pay Raise
A Salary Negotiation step-by-step plan to prepare you for asking and receiving a pay raise.




31 –  Project Management: Cost & Schedule Monitoring using EVM
Earned Value Management, Project Management, Cost Control & Monitor, Budget, Schedule & Cost Variance, Performance Index




32 –    The Complete Animal Reiki Course – Shower Your Pet With Love
Animal Reiki – Give Your Pets the Loving Care They Deserve – Pet Care – Pet Training – Reiki for Animals




33 –   Sales Skills Training: Explode Your Sales with Online Video
With Sales Skills you can use digital video to sell and market every aspect of your business




34 –   Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications
Public Relations: You can shape and control your media messages at the worst possible times.




35 –  Career Change: Become a Paid Expert in What You Love
Career Change – You can make a living as a well-paid expert, If you follow your passion the right way




36 –   You Can Deliver a TED-Style Talk Presentation (Unofficial)
Would you like to give a TED-style quality talk? Beyond having great ideas, you must deliver a speech like a pro.




37 –  Drop Servicing Simplified
Stop Drop Shipping, and get into Drop Servicing. Less competition and 10x higher profit




38 –  ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Design, Implement, Manage, Audit and Improve the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in any Organization




39 –   Learn Filmora 10 and Edit a “Tech review” Video for Beginner
Create your first “Tech Review” video using Filmora 10 and begin your journey as a video Editor




40 –   Notion Basics Super Easy Crash Course
Efficiency is just a click away




41 – Create Fast, High-Quality, Video Content Using InVideo
Perfect for Social Media Managers & Marketers




42 – Pictures and Videos colorization by Artificial Intelligence✔
Automatically Colorize and Color Grading for old Black and Wight pictures or videos and up-scale to 4K and 60 FBS by AI




43 – Project Development Using JAVA for Beginners – 2021
Learn Java In This Course And Become a Computer Programmer. Obtain valuable Core Java Skills And Java Certification




44 – Learn spoken Arabic- daily life conversations
learn how to converse in the most common daily life situations in Egyptian Arabic.




45 – Comprehensive Ethereum Blockchain Development Course
Full Ethereum Blockchain Development Course: 3 courses – beginner, intermediate, advanced




46 –  The Complete Touch Typing Masterclass: Master Touch Typing
Typing Course – Fast Typing – Typing Speed – Keyboard Typing – Speed Typing – Typing Courses




47 – Instagram Marketing 2021: Growth and Promotion on Instagram
Use Instagram to Target and Attract the right Followers to Grow your Account | Convert Followers into Loyal Clients




48 – Java for Beginners – Learn all the Basics of Java
Learn Java programming with various java projects- Understand key Java elements and be able to create basic java apps




49 – Tai Chi to Strengthen Bones, Halt Bone-thinning Osteoporosis
Simple and Safe Tai Chi Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones, Halt Bone-thinning Osteoporosis and Protect Your Mobility




50 – Internet and Web Development Fundamentals
Learn how the Internet Works and Setup a Testing & Production Web Server




51 – Learn HTML – For Beginners
Lean how to create web pages using HTML




52 – YouTube Academy – The Complete Guide from Beginner to Pro
The Most Up-to-date Complete Guide to Starting, Building, Branding, Filming, Growing and Making Money on YouTube




53 – Make Money From Home As a Transcriptionist: 10 Opportunities
Learn the Details about Making Money Online with 10 Transcription Jobs From Home




54 – Mastering The Complete Agile Scrum Master Workshop
Learn Agile Scrum Master Concepts for 2020 & 2021




55 – Practical Web Design & Development: 7 Courses in 1
Master in Practical Web design and development using Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and more.




56 – The Complete Microsoft OneDrive Course – Mastering OneDrive
Use OneDrive for Maximum Productivity – You Can Become the Master of One Drive – Enhance Your Office Efficiency




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