[Expired] Auslogics Registry Cleaner Pro

[Expired] Auslogics Registry Cleaner Pro

1 hour ago, andy2004 said:

Malwarebytes, Trojan hunter, trojan remover, and a few others i cant remember that i tried., auslogics came up as PUP if i remember..

the trojan app that was posted on here.. as a giveaway.. I too use Eset its not that, that brings up a message.

Malwarebytes has always brought up auslogics and tried to uninstall it if allowed.. just saying..

As expected, Malwarebytes has notorious past with Auslogics software, tho. False-positive detection.



Malwarebytes is good as a second-opinion antimalware solution, but it’s a bit aggresive and detects a lot of false-positives.


But because of PUP detection is optional on most anti-malware solutions, this can be safely disabled without any issues.


The only way is to disable PUP detection feature and exclude that Auslogic folder .Or much better, consider change your antivirus.

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