FIX: Remove QAA-Latn Unknown Locale Language in Windows 10. (Solved)

FIX: Remove QAA-Latn Unknown Locale Language in Windows 10. (Solved)

Some users reported that after updating Windows 10 a new language appeared in keyboard list called “QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-latn)”. The strange thing about this problem, though, is that the QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn), is not visible in the installed Languages settings of the system, so there is not an obvious way to remove it.

FIX: QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn)

How to Remove qaa-Latn language from Windows 10.

* Note: If you see the unknown language “QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-latn)”, after installing an application on your system, then remove the application and see if the problem persists.

Method 1. ADD & Remove QAA LATN language.

The first method to remove the QAA-LATN unknown locale, is to install the QAA-LATN lanuage on Windows 10 and then to remove it from the installed languages. To do that:

1. Navigate to Start image_thumb[2]_thumb  menu -> Settings image  -> Time and Language.

2. In Language options click +Add a language.


3. Type qaa-Latn in search box. Then select the Private use (qaa-Latn) language and click Next to install it.


4. After installation, you should be able to remove the QAA-LATN language from your PC.


Method 2. Reset Language Settings.

Another method, to remove the “QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn)” language from the list of languages in Windows 10, is to reset the Windows display language to default settings:

1. Open PowerShell with Administrator permissions. To do that:

    1. At Cortana‘s search box, type powershell
    2. Right click on Windows PowerShell result and select Run as administrator.

uninstall store apps windows 10

2. Give the following command to get a list of the installed languages and to view the LanguageTag for each installed language:

  • Get-WinUserLanguageList

Remove QAA Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn) language

3. Now, reset the language list to the default settings for the language you want, by using this command: *

  • Set-WinUserLanguageList LanguageTag -Force

* Note: Replace the LanguageTag in the above command according the language that you want to be the default display language.

e.g.: If your preferred language is “English (United States)”, give this command:  

  • Set-WinUserLanguageList en-US -Force

Reset Default Display Language in Windows 10

4. Close PowerShell.

5. Navigate to Start image_thumb[2]_thumb  menu -> Settings image  -> Time & Language.

6. At Language options, click the Add button to any other language you want and you ‘re done.


That’s all folks!
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