Get Bytescout Screen Capturing [for PC] for free (Giveaway)

Get Bytescout Screen Capturing [for PC] for free (Giveaway)

Bytescout Screen Capturing saves your screen video as AVI video file easily. You can pick any selected area – full screen or mouse cursor area and get a nice video at the end.

Bytescout Screen Capturing can record the entire screen or a part of the screen as well as dynamic region around the mouse highlighted with color. The output video has a very high quality. The program supports live recording from microphone and web camera and different compression formats. Try it for your daily tasks!

Main program features:

  • record entire screen, region or dynamic region around the mouse;
  • the mouse cursor can be recorded and highlighted with a hot spot;
  • supports audio recording including the live recording from a microphone;
  • supports different video compression modes (can use almost any video compression codec installed on your computer);
  • output video files are ready to be uploaded to YouTube;

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