How to Block Websites on Windows 10.

How to Block Websites on Windows 10.

There are several reasons as to why you would want to block websites on Windows 10. There are times when several websites are just too distracting and do not let you work with full concentration. Other times, you simply want to maintain your privacy by blocking websites, especially when your PC is used by other individuals too, or from your kids.

In this guide, we will walk you through some easy yet effective steps of blocking websites on Windows 10.

How to Block Access to Sites in Windows 10.

Method 1: How to Block Sites in Windows through Hosts File.

The most common method of blocking a site in all versions of Windows is to use the hosts file. The advantage of this method is that it will help you prevent access to the websites you want in all browsers. *

* Note: If you looking for an easiest method, to block a site through the hosts file proceed to method 4.

1. Type Notepad in the search field of the taskbar and click on Run as administrator.

Open Notepad as Administrator

2. Click Yes in the User Account Control prompt.

3. Click the File menu and then click on Open from the list of options available.


4. Now navigate to the location mentioned below.

  • C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts

5. Change the file type to All Files (*.*) from Text Documents (*.txt).

6. Next, locate the hosts file and double-click on it. This will open a text document in Notepad.

Block Sites through Hosts File

7. Scroll down in the Notepad window and at the end…

a. type the IP “
b. press Tab, and then type the website address you want to block. For example: let’s suppose that you want to block Facebook.  In that case, add the follow two (2) lines:


Hosts file - Block Websites

8. Finally, save the document and check if doing so blocked the unwanted site. This should block the unwanted website on your Windows 10, and you can repeat the process if you want to block other websites too.

Method 2: How to Block Sites in Google Chrome.

If you are looking to block certain websites from Google Chrome* directly, follow the steps mentioned below.

* Note: Skip to method-3 for instructions in Firefox, or to method-4 if you are a Microsoft Edge user.

1. Navigate to Block Site webpage in chrome web store.

2. Click Add to Chrome.

block sites chrome

3. In the confirmation prompt, hit the Add extension button.


4. Now, wait for Chrome to complete the installation of the extension.

5. Once the installation is complete, your browser will direct you to a new window where you need to accept the Privacy Policy to proceed.

bloksite chrome

6. Finally, add the websites that you want to block in the next window. *

* Note: If you don’t see the below window, go to Chrome Extensions, find the BlockSite, choose Details and then open the Extension options.

blok websites chrome

Method 3: How to Block Websites in Mozilla Firefox.

To prevent the access on websites in Firefox:

1. From the Firefox’s Options menu, click Add-ons.

block sites firefox

2. Type BlockSite in the search bar on the top of the window.

block webistes firefox

3. Click the first option (BlockSite), appearing on your screen.


4. In the newly launched window, click on Add to and in the confirmation prompt, click on Add again.

blocksite firefox

5. Click on BlockSite icon and click Edit block list to add the websites that you want block, or alternately navigate to the site and click Block this site.

block website in firefox

Method 4: How to Block Websites in Microsoft Edge and Windows 10.

The process of blocking websites in Microsoft Edge is different from that of Chrome or Firefox. In fact, the process below will block sites in all web browsers.*

* Note: We will use the third party “FocalFilter” site-blocker application in this method.

1. Launch Microsoft Edge and navigate to the FocalFilter page.

2. Scroll down the page and click the download it for free here hyperlink.

3. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file and proceed with the on-screen instructions to install FocalFilter.

FocalFilter install

4. After the installation is complete, open FocalFilter.

5. In the next prompt, click on Edit My Site List.

Block Site with FocalFilter

6. In the Edit Your Block List window, add the URL of the website you want to block. For instance, if you want to block Facebook, add “” as shown below. When done, click Save.

FocalFilter Site Block List

7. Finally, hit Block My Site List to block the website(s) you added in your list.

Block My Site - FocalFilter

8. From now on, blocked sites will not be accessible with on EDGE or any other browser.

block website in EDGE

9. If you want to stop the site blocking, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, select the FocalFilter application and click End task.


Method 5: How to Block Websites using Microsoft’s Family Safety Options.

If you share your computer with other users or your kid and you wish to restrict the access to certain websites for them, then you can use the Windows 10 Family Options. To complete this task you must add the Microsoft account of the user you want to restrict, or to create a new MS account for the “restricted” user.

1. From Start menu, open Settings and click Accounts.

block site with family options

2. From the left panel, select Family & other users.
3. Now click on the Add a family member option in the right pane.

add family member windows 10

4. If the person you want to add already has a Microsoft account, enter their email address as shown below. If not, click on the Create one for a child hyperlink.

add someone to pc

5. Once you have added the account, click on it and then select Manage family settings online hyperlink.

manage family settings

6. Doing so will launch a new window with advanced settings. In this window, click the More options button and click Content filters.

Family Options - Content Filters

7. Turn on the Block inappropriate websites toggle.

filter inapproriate sites Windows 10

8. Scroll down the window and click on the dropdown menu under Blocked sites. Here, enter the URL of the website you wish to block. For instance, if you want to block Facebook, type

block inapproriate sites Windows 10

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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