How to Enable or Remove Chrome Reading List on Desktop or Mobile.

How to Enable or Remove Chrome Reading List on Desktop or Mobile.

If you want to enable or remove Chrome Reading list on your device, keep reading this tutorial for step-by-step guidance! Up until now, the ‘Bookmarks’ was the only folder used by Chrome users to save anything they found interesting online. A folder that is always overflowing with month’s worth of web pages, and makes it difficult for users to manage them.

Some time ago, introduced the Reading List feature, which allows users to save the pages they want to read later, and I have personally found this feature to be very useful, due to the following benefits it offers over the classic ‘Bookmarks’:

  • All the saved pages in Chrome’s Reading list are saved offline, so there is not needed an Internet connection to read the saved pages.
  • All Chrome Reading List’s Pages are synchronized with your Google Account, making them easier to access than bookmarks.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of enabling or removing Chrome Reading list on your desktop and mobile.

How to Enable or Disable Chrome Reading List on Desktop or Mobile.

The way to enable or to remove the Chrome Reading List feature in Desktop and Mobile is the same, so just follow the steps mentioned below on your device:

1. Open and in the address bar type “chrome://flags” (without quotes)and hit Enter.

chrome:// flags

2. Type “reading” in the search bar and hit Enter.

3. Set Reading List to Enabled and click Relaunch to restart the browser and apply the change. *

* Note: To Disable/Remove the Reading List from Chrome, just set this setting to Disabled & Relaunch Chrome.

How to Enable or Remove Chrome Reading List on Desktop.

4. After browser restart, the ‘Reading List’ icon should be displayed on the Bookmarks bar. *

How to use Reading List Chrome

* Note: In case you cannot locate the Reading List icon, go to Chrome’s Settings image and select Show bookmarks bar from the list of options available.


How to use the Chrome Reading List on Desktop.

1. Open and navigate to the webpage that you want to read later.

2. Click on the Star icon image in the navigation bar and choose Add to reading list from the available options.


3. After adding the page in Reading list, a small red dot will appear on the Reading list’s icon in the navigation bar, indicating that a new page has been added to the list.

Chrome Reading List Desktop

4. To read the page you saved in Reading List, click on the Reading list icon on the top-right corner of the browser’s window and click on the page you want to read.


5. Once you are finished reading, you can click the checkmark button to mark the page as read or the X button to remove the page from the reading list.


How to Use Chrome Reading List on Mobile.

1. Navigate to the web page that you want to add in Reading List.
2. Long-press at the title of the page (article), until a quick options menu pops up on your screen.
3. Select Read Later and the page will be added to your Chrome Reading list.

Chrome Reading List Mobile

2. To read the page added in Reading List, tap the More button (three dots) on the top-right corner of the Chrome window and select Bookmarks.


3. Tap Reading List, to see and read your saved links.

 Chrome Reading List in Mobile

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