[Itch.io] Get 6 games for free – CROSSED / FATES&Friendly Neighborhood Superhero&

[Itch.io] Get 6 games for free – CROSSED / FATES&Friendly Neighborhood Superhero&


CROSSED / FATES is a 2-player role-playing game about a devastating mech war, the people who fight in it, and the things it takes away.

It is mainly inspired by the relationship between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam, but you can play in whichever setting you desire. The rules will guide players as they work together to Build a Conflict and Backstories; take turns performing Actions during a duel; and describe the consequences of each other’s actions.

To play CROSSED / FATES, you will need:
♦ Two Players acting as Sworn Rivals
♦ A Standard Deck of Playing Cards (for Dueling)
♦ Writing Implements (for Journaling)
♦ One Printed Copy of the “Encounter Report Sheet” (for Keeping Scores)
♦ An hour or two for the first session, and at least another 6 sessions of around 30-minutes each
♦ A couple of d6 are optional (for Content Generation)






2 – Friendly Neighborhood Superhero

Friendly Neighborhood Superhero is a solo tabletop RPG (with optional rules for group play) about superheroes who go on adventures to, sure, fight crime – but with the major goal of helping their neighbors and leaving their neighborhood a better place!

Generate problems and citizens; create scenes through a simple and dynamic system; and play to find out how your actions transform your neighborhood for the better!






3 – Operation Swordbreak

The Regime never stops, devouring planets and hope since the beginning of times. Once The Weapon is complete, resistance won’t exist even in dreams.

You are a spy, undercover behind The Regime’s lines, the only person willing to do what’s necessary. Operation Swordbreak – sabotaging The Weapon before it’s ready to destroy all life – is your only chance. That is, if The Hunters don’t get you first…_____________

Operation Swordbreak is a solo RPG about paranoia and struggling against an unbeatable, oppressive system. It’s a game about making sacrifices and fighting for hope, even when all hope seems to be lost.

You are likely to die, and unlikely to be remembered.






4 – Murder!

The Party at The Manor was supposed to be a fun night for all involved – and it was, until The Host was brutally murdered!

All the Guests are locked inside, and there is a Killer on the loose. Each hour brings a new gruesome murder – and only you, The Detective, can solve the case before it’s too late!







You are a demi-god, using your powers to make a difference in the world – but your death has been prophesied by The Fates, and each breath moves you closer to the end of your journey.

How will you spend your last days? Will your legend be remembered?

TERMINUS – The Final Journey Of A Legendary Hero is a solo journaling RPG about performing heroic deeds and making peace with one’s death.

This game is inspired by Greek Mythology, epics and tragedies (and Disney’s Hercules).






6 – Divinity Fall

Gods have caused too much harm – but now it’s their turn to fall.

You are the pilot of the Slayer, a mech made of ancient technology, cutting edge science and unexplainable magic spells – and the only power capable of standing up to the oppressive Gods who rule the galaxy through lies, law, force and fear. Your mission is to fly from planet to planet, making alliances and destroying structures of power so you can finally help humanity break free from those who control them. It is your goal, your destiny and your responsibility to attack and dethrone Gods.







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