[Itch.io] Get game for free – Codemancer Chapter 1

[Itch.io] Get game for free – Codemancer Chapter 1



Codemancer brings the mystery of magic and the exhilaration of learning to code together in a fantasy universe that uses spell casting as a way to teach and learn programming skills. Codemancer’s fantasy universe is filled with rival sorcerers and their minions for players to encounter along their journey. Codemancer is a non-violent, entertaining, and educational game designed to be inclusive and accessible to learners at any stage. Features include a gender-neutral fantasy setting with a female protagonist, a narrative backbone, and a programming interface that’s designed to be easy to understand by kids with varying degrees of skill and experience. Codemancer breaks down barriers that may have discouraged some kids from embracing technology and elevates their screentime to be more productive and entertaining.  It isn’t a typical coding or technology game.

for Windows, macOS, and Android







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