[Itch.io] Get game for free – Fumiko! by Ordez

[Itch.io] Get game for free – Fumiko! by Ordez

Fumiko! combines rewarding exploration with a new approach to 3D platforming. You’ll quickly be unbound from gravity. No jump will be too short. Fumiko! is a sci-fi thriller that wants to be explored thoroughly.
In a single playthrough, lasting about 6-10 hours, you’ll encounter:
-16 handcrafted and unique levels giving you a challenge, 14 social areas to explore ranging from small player homes to big public spaces
-Enemy A.I.s seeking your destruction while you escape from the testing lab, unique abilities to bypass them
-Fumiko overwriting her jump modules to gain ridiculous jump height, speeding through the air with the dash module
-Collect 26 memory fragments to uncover the mystery behind the network
-Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller in addition to keyboard & mouse controls

Platforms    Windows, macOS, Linux








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