[PC Games – GOG – The Witcher: Enhanced Edition] – 12 Hours Limited Giveaway

[PC Games – GOG – The Witcher: Enhanced Edition] – 12 Hours Limited Giveaway



The Witcher: Enhanced Edition by CD Projekt RED is currently available to claim for free on the GOG store, offering everyone a DRM-free copy of the game for 12 hours. The surprise giveaway is already underway, and at the time of writing, there’s around 11 hours left on the promotion before it is taken down.


Interestingly, the game has been free to claim for quite some time now for anyone who signs up to GOG’s newsletter. It’s unclear if this old offer is going away, but there are no signs to suggest this is happening. Perhaps CD Projekt simply wanted to remove the newsletter barrier for a short while.


To claim The Witcher: Enhanced Edition using the new giveaway, either follow the purchase link on its official store page or head to the GOG store’s front page and click on the ‘Get it FREE’ giveaway banner on top. The promotion will come to a close today, August 6, at 3PM PT. As with most other GOG games, there are some goodies included with the game too, including the soundtrack, artbook, creator interviews, and more.




Source: The Witcher goes free to claim on GOG for 12 hours (via Neowin)

p/s: August 6, at 3PM PT equates to August 7 at 10PM GMT +0.

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