Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy for 6 months for free (unlimited traffic)

Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy for 6 months for free (unlimited traffic)

Seed4.Me and Proxy provides high-quality VPN access all over the world, the geography of our presence is gradually expanding.

At the moment, servers are launched in the following countries: China, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Finland, Moldova, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland , Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Spain, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Argentina.

To get a Premium subscription Seed4.Me and Proxy follow these steps:

Free for 6 months (for new users)

If you don’t have an account, go to the Create a new account page and register a new account.

Before using a VPN, confirm your email address by following the link in the email you received from Seed4.Me Support. You will receive a 6 month subscription.

Download Seed4.Me for Windows

Download Seed4.Me for Android

Download Seed4.Me for Mac

Download Seed4.Me for iOS


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