Seed4.Me VPN one Year Free Subscription

Seed4.Me VPN one Year Free Subscription

Seed4.Me VPN (one year subscription) is good anonymous Virtual Private Network (VPN) service or tool to unblock the Internet, protect your data or get access to geographically restrict websites.

This tool available for both desktop (Windows & Mac OS) and also mobile (Android, iPhone, and iPad) platforms

The service offers servers in 17 countries

  • USA, Canada
  • UK, France, Switzerland (torrent-friendly), Sweden (torrent-friendly), Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy
  • Russia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Bypass Internet censorship

This service can be use to bypass internet censorship in countries like China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, UAE and many other countries that prevent people from freely accessing the world wide web.

The software fakes your location while hiding your internet activity and allows you to have complete internet Freedom.

Protect Yourself on Public Wifi

If you’re traveling a lot and constantly logging onto the Internet over public wifi in airports or cafes, then this software will be helpful to protect yourself when accessing the internet over unsafe public wifi.

Seed4.Me service will encrypt and protect your web traffic while you’re connect to the Internet over a public connection.

Streaming Anywhere in the World

bypass blocking streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix

The way this works is simple. This service allows you to easily change your IP address, preventing anyone from knowing where you really are in the world.

Seed4.Me  supports all popular operating systems and devices, starting with Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad and etc.

Seed4.Me VPN  Free 1 Year premium subscription:

  • Go to Promo Page
  • Register an account by entering your email address, password, and promo code Given below

Use the promo code to register Seed4.Me account to activate one year vpn. Then install our apps on all your devices and use your free time.

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