[ 18 February 2021 ] 41 – new free udemy courses for limited time

[ 18 February 2021 ] 41 – new free udemy courses for limited time

1 –  Data Analysis & Statistics: practical course for beginners
Learn how to uncover the power of data analysis and statistics in this complete and easy to follow step-by-step course




2 –   Clean Technology Fundamentals: Distributed Generation
Learn all about the practical industry knowledge of distributed generation with this course!




3 –   Learn Digital Marketing (12 Courses in 1)
Master Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email, Analytics, Content Marketing & More




4 –   The Product Photography Guide
Learn photography with your camera




5 –   Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Video Editing Zero To Hero
Video Editing Course For Beginners and Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Video Editing Masterclass Basic To Advanced




6 –   Master English Phonics for Beginner Adults and Parents
Learn the correct pronunciation of spoken English phonics with a British Accent & how to use phonics to read and write.




7 –    Couples Counseling | Learn to Live happy with Life Partner
Relationship Counseling | Marriage Counseling | Relationship management




8 –    Java for Beginners – Learn all the Basics of Java
Learn Java programming with various java projects- Understand key Java elements and be able to create basic java apps




9 –   Instagram Marketing 2021: Growth and Promotion on Instagram
Use Instagram to Target and Attract the right Followers to Grow your Account | Convert Followers into Loyal Clients




10 –   Easy YouTube Google Ads – Marketing and Advertising Traffic
Run Ads the Easy and Fun Way Without Falling into Google’s Money Traps… costing you thousands of dollars




11 –   React – The Complete Guide with React Hook Redux 2021 in 4hr
Learn how to create high performance web app with react. Hooks, Redux, React Routing, useContext, Fireabase and more




12 –    Complete NodeJS course with express, socket io and MongoDB
Master NodeJS to build real world application, socket io and MongoDB, authentication with JWT




13 –    Vue JS and Firebase:Build an iOS and Android chat app (2021)
Vue JS, Vuex and Framework7 are awesome mix to build iOS and Android app. Firebase help to create a real time mobile app




14 –   How I Made 5 Figures a Month From Clickfunnels Affiliate?
Copy & Paste My Secret Formula To Build 5-Figure Recurring Passive Income A Month with Clickfunnels Affiliate Program




15 –   Windows 10 System Administration & Basic Computer Skills
Learn the basics of system administration for the Windows 10 operating system, as well as some basic computer skills




16 –   Penny Stock Queen: Beginner guide to Chart Pattern Trading 1
Chart Patterns Trading for Penny Stock that works. Buy Hot Penny Stocks Thru Charts Patterns Trading with market trends




17 –  First Steps into Recruitment and Selection
It is necessary to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of staff for the needs of your business.




18 –  CSS – Basics To Advanced for front end development (2021)
Complete guide to create beautiful, responsive and user-friendly websites using CSS3. Learn CSS3 with hands-on projects




19 –   JavaScript – Basics to Advanced [step by step (2021)]
A perfect JavaScript course for all those who want to learn and master JavaScript programming skills right from scratch.




20 –  Sell Photo Online: Beginners Guide Stock Photography
Absolute Beginners Guide for stock photography, how to sell photo online, earn from your photos




21 –  Machine Learning- From Basics to Advanced
A beginners guide to learn Machine Learning (including Hands-on projects – From Basic to Advance Level)




22 –    The Complete ReactJs Course – Basics to Advanced (2021)
Learn React JS from scratch with hands-on practice assignments and projects.




23 –    Magnetic Wealth: Become a Conscious Wealth Creator
Learn How To Live in Abundance and Manifest Your Life Vision




24 –  Create lightning fast videos with InVideo in 2021
Impress your audience with attractive videos created with Artificial Intelligence technology using InVideo in 2021




25 –  Ace your career with the Power of Artificial Intelligence
Take your first steps towards learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Digital Marketing Technologies in 2021.




26 –   Futuristic Digital Marketing Course: 2021 Student Edition
Welcome to the Ultimate Future of Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence Technology and Automation in 2021




27 –   eBook Marketing Certification for Authors (2021 Edition)
Learn brand new and innovative ways to market your eBook in 2021




28 –   Choosing a career based on passion in 2021
An ideal guide to identify and pursue your passion to get to the path of success in a crowded world in 2021




29 –   The Python Programming A-Z Definitive Diploma in 2021
The Hands-On Guide to Master Modern Python and Data, to Advance your Dev and Data Career in no time!




30 –    Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, savory & desserts (2in1)
2 in 1 class, savory and dessert recipes




31 –  Delegation 101 – Learn how to multiply your time
Become a master at delegation by learning when to delegate, who to delegate to, and how to delegate




32 –    Typography & Social Media Using Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
For Basic and Intermediate Users




33 –  Excel – Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced [2021]
Excel Course: Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Advanced, Ms Excel Formulas, Chart Tips & Tricks in Excel 2019/Office 365




34 –   How to Draw 101: BASIC DRAWING SKILLS & Sketching Exercises
Learn to draw & sketch – drawing basics for beginners w/ exciting 3D sketching exercises to develop your drawing skills




35 –  Ultimate Adobe Photoshop CC Masterclass Basics To Advanced
Photoshop Color Image Correction, 3D Effect, Shadow, Blending, Skin Tone Retouching, Masking, Blur Filter, Clipping Path




36 –    Automate your Job-Search with LoopCV in 2021
An innovative course to accelerate your job-hunting process with the power of LoopCV in 2021




37 –  Learn Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coding Tools
Program Faster In Python And Other Languages Without Code with Artificial Intelligence Programming Tools in 2021




38 –  Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Course
Learn Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Business and Marketing Automation in 2021




39 –   Microsoft SQL Server 2019: For Beginners
Everything you need to know about Microsoft SQL in one place




40 –    Exploring Adobe Premiere Pro
For Video Editors and Media Artists




41 – Complete Course in Adobe Photoshop CC
A Masterclass




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