31- New free Udemy courses for limited time

31- New free Udemy courses for limited time



[ 1 ]  Managerial Accounting & Bookkeeping (Cost Accounting)
Management Accounting & Bookkeeping Basics. Accounting & Bookkeeping Concepts. Learn Accounting & Bookkeeping.



 [ 2 ] Complete PYTHON Programming for Beginners – 2021
The easiest way to learn Python in-depth and build complex, scalable programs!



[ 3 ] Twitter Automation: Income w/ Affialiate Marketing in 1hour
Create an Extra Income with Twitter Automation and Affiliate Marketing in only 1 Hour/Week, Ultimate Hands-Free Approach



[ 4 ]  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom
Understand Artificial Intelligence and teach it to your students!



[ 5 ]   Scrum Certification Prep +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training
Overview of Scrum Agile project management+common questions+tips to pass PSM scrum org ONLINE Scrum Master Certification



[ 6 ]  Mindfulness for Busy People
Exploring the core concepts of mindfulness and presence in everyday life – both principles and practice.



[ 7 ]  Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders
Exploring the core concepts of mindfulness and presence for entrepreneurs/founders – both principles and practice.



[ 8 ]   Mindfulness for Executives
Exploring the core concepts of mindfulness and presence for executives – both principles and practice.



[ 9 ]   Automate your Job-Search with LoopCV in 2021
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 2.5 course focussed on job-search automation with LoopCV



[ 10 ]  Unlimited Free Traffic Generation Course: Master Edition
Discover the ultimate traffic source for getting high-quality free traffic to your website, app or YouTube Channel



[ 11 ]  Artificial Intelligence Presentation Creation (2021 Edition)
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 2 – Part 7 course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Presentation Tools



[ 12 ]  Viral YouTube Marketing – Crash Course (2021 Edition)
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 1.5 course that focusses on Viral YouTube Marketing in 2021



[ 13 ]  Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Gold Edition
MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 1.1 course that focusses on digital marketing automation tools



[ 14 ]   Social Media Marketing on Autopilot with Missinglettr
Drive insane traffic to market your brand utilising the power of social media automation with Missinglettr



[ 15 ]  Google Calendar : Virtual Assistant
Planning your life with Google Calendar Arrange your appointments and help you if you are a virtual assistant



[ 16 ]  Complete Video Production, Video Marketing, & YouTube Course
Learn Video Production, Video Editing, Adobe Premier Pro, Video SEO, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO & Facebook Video Ads



[ 17 ]  Contracts Management in Construction Projects
Contracts Management, Contract Administration, FIDIC, Bank Guarantees, Contracts, Letter Drafting, Quantity Surveying



[ 18 ]  Arabic Language Course: Learn to Read & Listen to Arabic
Arabic Language Course to Learn to Read & Listen to Arabic through Stories for Beginner & Intermediate & Expert Levels



[ 19 ]  Decision Trees, Random Forests & Gradient Boosting in R
Learn to build predictive models with machine learning, using different Rstudio´s packages: ROCR, caret, XGBoost, rparty



[ 20 ]  Copywriting & SEO for Beginners: Complete Copywriting Course
Enjoy SEO & Copywriting Animated Videos & Interactive Quizzes. Make LEARNING FUN. Use our Resource. Make your LIFE EASY.



[ 21 ]  Digital Nomad Lifestyle: LIVE YOUR DREAM & Travel the World
Be a Digital Nomad & Attract High Value Clients: 8 Hours of HQ Video Explainers, 120 Quiz Questions, 10 HQ PDF Resources



[ 22 ]  Organize your online business for busy entrepreneurs
End the chaos and get your online business organized



[ 23 ]  Becoming A Recruitment And Selection Specialist
It is necessary to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of staff for the needs of your business.



[ 24 ]   Complete WordPress Website Developer Course
Learn WordPress step by step to make beautiful blogs, websites,e-commerce sites to start your business ONLINE.



[ 25 ]  Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Video Editing Zero To Hero
Video Editing Course For Beginners and Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Video Editing Masterclass Basic To Advanced



[ 26 ]   Online Course Creation – Build a Business Selling Courses
Learn how you can build a successful business selling online courses



[ 27 ]  Job interview Skills, Interview Strategy & Answer Scripts
Job interview skills for technical, coding, or marketing career interviews. Job search and interviewing skill boost



[ 28 ]  MBA:Career Development, Salary Negotiation, Office Politics
Learn How to Reach the Top of Your Potential!



[ 29 ]  Sales Funnel, Email Marketing All-in-One Tool: Systeme Guide
Systeme – Free Sales Funnel Builder, Email Marketing tool, Blog Builder and Just All-in-one Digital Marketing Tool



[ 30 ]  SEO Strategy 2021. SEO training to TOP rank your website!
SEO training on how to build an effective SEO Strategy and increase your website’s Google rankings.



[ 31 ]  Google Forms Ultimate Course 2021
Everything you need to know about Google Forms



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