[DLC ] Minion Masters – Scrat Infestation [PC / XBOX]

[DLC ] Minion Masters – Scrat Infestation [PC / XBOX]



Scrat Infestation is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Scrat faction collection. This is a great +300% value bundle of Scrat cards, including the luckiest Scrat alive Jolo the Hero Scrat (Legendary!), and gets a head-start in this month’s Season Pass!


  1. 3x Jolo the Hero Scrat (Legendary)
  2. 5x Boom Buggy (Supreme)
  3. 20x Scratillery
  4. 40x Scrat Horde
  5. 40x Propeller Scrats
  6. 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  7. 3x Season Pass Tiers

The industrious and ruthless Scrat uses sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies. And if that wasn’t enough, they back up their formidable frontline with machines of death that can rain death (and more Scrats) from the skies. Use Scrat Horde and Propeller Scrats to protect and power up your Boom Buggy that can devastate the enemy defenses, and use Scratillery so wage some more carnage and bolster your forces at the same time. Jolo, being the lucky Scrat that he is, can dodge enemy fire to protect your army. Sometimes.
With this Faction Box, you have the perfect kit to become a Scrat commander!


GET IT ON STEAM FOR PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1645360/Minion_Masters__Scrat_Infestation/

NOTE: The base game is Free-to-Play and available here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/489520/Minion_Masters/


GET IT FOR XBOX HERE: The DLC is not available separately, but included in the following 100% off bundle: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/100-off-bundle-minion-masters/9ntkk41ttc6g?activetab=pivot:overviewtab



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