[Expired] 11 – Free Udemy Courses For Limited Time

[Expired] 11 – Free Udemy Courses For Limited Time

1 – Python – A Beginners guide towards Python Programming
Covers Programming Fundamentals along with Learning Python Language.

In this course we are going to Learn Python 3. This course is intended for someone who has no prior knowledge to Python Programming Language. The course is structured in a way so that it first answers all the frequently asked questions around Python before starting getting hands dirty with Python coding.






2 – Strings and Comprehension In Python Course
Python introduction for beginners. Learn basics Python from scratch!

This Python course has everything you need to know to start coding in Python and not even that, by the end of the course you will know how to build complete programs and also build graphical user interfaces for your programs so you can impress your employer or your friends. I will guide you step by step starting from the basics and always assuming you don’t have previous programming experience or a computer science degree. In fact, most people who learn Python come from a vast variety of careers.






3 –  Complete Linear Regression Analysis in Python
Linear Regression in Python| Simple Regression, Multiple Regression, Ridge Regression, Lasso and subset selection also

What you’ll learn

    Learn how to solve real life problem using the Linear Regression technique
    Preliminary analysis of data using Univariate and Bivariate analysis before running Linear regression
    Predict future outcomes basis past data by implementing Simplest Machine Learning algorithm
    Understand how to interpret the result of Linear Regression model and translate them into actionable insight
    Understanding of basics of statistics and concepts of Machine Learning
    Indepth knowledge of data collection and data preprocessing for Machine Learning Linear Regression problem
    Learn advanced variations of OLS method of Linear Regression
    Course contains a end-to-end DIY project to implement your learnings from the lectures
    How to convert business problem into a Machine learning Linear Regression problem
    Basic statistics using Numpy library in Python
    Data representation using Seaborn library in Python

Linear Regression technique of Machine Learning using Scikit Learn and Statsmodel libraries of Python






4 – CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in Python
Python for Computer Vision & Image Recognition – Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) – Keras & TensorFlow 2




5 – Java Blocks Course For Programmer
Become a Computer Programmer by Learning basics Java Skills

What you’ll learn

    All About Java
    Running Canned Java Programs
    Using the Basic Building Blocks




6 – JavaScript Fundamentals: A Course for Absolute Beginners
Learn JavaScript Fundamentals from the Scratch

 What you’ll learn

    Explain what is JavaScript and its environment contexts
    Understand the difference between JavaScript and EcmaScript
    Explain Data Types
    Describe the difference beween coercion and casting as well as JavaScript’s implicit casting
    Explain Complex Data Types
    Discuss the basics of JavaScript: Rules of language and quirks
    Learn how to create your own objects
    Explain Control Flow
    Define Basic Functional Programming

Understand Error Handling




7 – Decision Trees, Random Forests, AdaBoost & XGBoost in Python
Decision Trees and Ensembling techniques in Python. How to run Bagging, Random Forest, GBM, AdaBoost & XGBoost in Python

What you’ll learn

    Get a solid understanding of decision tree
    Understand the business scenarios where decision tree is applicable
    Tune a machine learning model’s hyperparameters and evaluate its performance.
    Use Pandas DataFrames to manipulate data and make statistical computations.
    Use decision trees to make predictions

Learn the advantage and disadvantages of the different algorithms




8 – SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics
SQL course covering basic to advanced SQL topics for SQL Database ( PostgreSQL ). Elucidates SQL Database for beginners




9 – English grammar tenses & structures, the ultimate course
All you need to be perfect in English grammar & structures. Be an expert in the English grammar rules.




10 –  Exploitation Cyber Security Course
Learn and understand Exploitation In Cyber Security from scratch. A complete beginner’s guide.

Many people interpret and decide on what cyber security is, some see cyber security as a continuation of evolved version of it-security, others view it as a completely new branch of security and still others see it as mixture of the two. This course will give you the basics based on actual literature reviews, academic research and personal experience in global projects and work in cyber security, focusing on cyber warfare, espionage, crime and defenses as well as attacks used.




11 –  Excel Analytics: Linear Regression Analysis in MS Excel
Linear Regression analysis in Excel. Analytics in Excel includes regression analysis, Goal seek and What-if analysis




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