Radical Solitaire [Android Game]

Radical Solitaire [Android Game]



This is SUPER Pocket Sized RADICAL SOLITAIRE It’s even more radical than 1982’s hit PC game Radical Solitaire. You can still GET RAD and swap a card with any face-down card any time you want and it’s still always winnable.


Why is it super? This time there are a bunch of mini-games that will let you cheat your way to countless empty wins. Waste hours of your time enjoying the new extra super-rad graphics modes with up to 16 colors! Enjoy the infinitely long non-repeating algorithm-generated soundtrack. Don’t like it? Blame the algorithm.


Pocket Sized? Yep it’s going to live in your pocket on your phone with your thousands of unread email and calendar appointments you’re pretending you might show up for.


Why isn’t it free? Yes the PC version is free and always will be. You use your PC for doing work, right? Don’t do that anymore. Work is bad. Wasting time at work is good. Play it on your work PC for free all you want. Your phone? That’s different. You’re already wasting your time with that.


You want to play an unlosable game of solitaire during your nephew’s bassoon recital? You’re going to have to pay for it. That’s just how it is.


It is cheap. And it is 100% ad and micro-transaction free. Why would read all of this? Just buy it. You’ll love it.


Take a trip back into your pocket and waste even more time with Super Radical Solitaire today!


DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VectorHat.RadicalSolitaire


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